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It’s midnight on the west coast once more, which means another new day in both real life and in mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes. But after a couple days of new content such as inheriting skills and update plans for April, it seemed as if a quiet spell would come to pass – but Nintendo has other plans, apparently, as a couple new odds and ends about the game have been released.

For starters, if you’re playing the Android version, you’ll get access to a free 4-star F!Corrin unit. Alongside the announcement comes a fancy new Google Play commercial for Japan, showing the passage of time throughout the series – from beginnings on the Famicom, to the GBA, and the 3DS, and now mobile phones. There appears to be no similar reward for the iOS version, so perhaps it’s a minor form of appeasement after the versions were released at the same time despite the initial news that it would be hitting Android first.

In-game, the main addition today is a “Starter Support” event, which is essentially a gussied-up form of retaining bonuses that occurred around the game’s launch for the next couple weeks. The daily log in bonus of two orbs is back, as are the special maps that give you three orbs a pop upon completion (there’ll be.two maps at two difficulties each for a total of twelve orbs). And finally, units will earn 1.5x the experience throughout the entire game – Story Maps, the Arena, etc. all give bonus EXP for the time being. The event seems to last until April 2nd – over two weeks from now, which seems quite generous indeed.

Why all the generosity? Well, there were a couple general complaints about orbs being harder to get after the launch celebration ended, but the more pertinent reason is likely the roll out of the previously-mentioned Inherit Skills system, which drew controversy on several forums for primarily balancing reasons. Regardless, the event is graciously rewarding towards all players, and another way in which Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have commanded a great amount of goodwill towards the game.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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