Mobile strategy title Fire Emblem Heroes has been out for over a month now. While there’ve been some fairly steady content updates, nothing major has changed since its launch. Fortunately, the dev team appears to have some concrete plans going forward, which they shared with an in-game announcement to all players.

April will bring some big changes. For one, as mentioned in the past, units will be able to inherit the skills of other allies. This can be carried out when allies merge. It was also announced that heroes who take part in battles will earn something called Hero Merit (HM), which will allow players to acquire Hero Feathers when accrued. This change will hopefully alleviate the feather deficits some experience without consistent arena success.

They also announced two potential conditions for battles: defense and reinforcements. Defense missions will require the player to hold out for a certain number of turns, as opposed to routing all enemies. Reinforcements, as the name implies, will bring more units into the map for you to fight. These changes are present in the main FE series, so it’s nice to see the team bring in more variety for maps.

Besides shifts in arena matchmaking and a couple other minor tweaks, the devs also outlined future Grand Hero Battles through May. Later this month will come the battle against Michalis, followed by Navarre and Zephiel in April and Xander and Lloyd in May. All of these exist as enemies in story maps so anyone curious about them can check their abilities and art there.

Finally, the notice speaks cryptically of a new in-game event that will bring back the series’ classic permadeath — to an extent. While you won’t lose characters from your account, it appears that you’ll be unable to revive them in the context of the event itself. Details are sparse at the moment, but Intelligent Systems and Nintendo intend to “provide the thrilling play experiences” the series is known for.

No details on future character additions or focuses were outlined, nor when the first big story update will be released. Characters have come in every few weeks as-is, and extra chapters have been providing story details, but there’s still plenty of room to grow in both areas. We’ll be sure to report on all that and more as soon as it becomes available.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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