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New details have been provided for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Specifically, an official Japanese page opened up about the game’s amiibo functionality. With the Alm and Celica figures themselves looking so well made, it’s about time we learn a little more about what they can do.

First, they’ll allow access to a special dungeon by default. This game’s dungeons are useful for gathering experience, items, and developing your characters, so the more access the better. No details on what makes it special to begin with, but odds are it’ll be better or unique compared to what can be accessed regularly.

You’ll also be able to write Alm and Celica’s stats to their respective amiibo. This will allow you to summon them via a special amiibo command as phantoms with their stats based on the scanned version.

Other amiibo will be able to be used for summoning phantom soldiers as well, though it sounds like only Alm and Celica have access to a more specific use of the feature. In other words, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be calling other heroes into battle via their amiibo.

There will be some ties to the new “Mila’s Gear” feature as well, though what specifically is a bit unclear. With the game’s release only a few months away (and even less time for Japan), we’ll know plenty more real soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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