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The Sibling Bonds Focus may have ended, but Fire Emblem Heroes summoners now have a new one to test their luck with: Today’s update added in a Focus centered on Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

While the game’s three lords and a select few other characters have already been available, this new Focus adds Ninian, Karel, Rebecca, Priscilla, Lucius and Jaffar to the pool of available heroes and heroines.

Karel is a Red swordsman as expected, and Ninian enters as a Blue Manakete, but there’s a hard lean towards colorless characters this time around courtesy of the other four.

Anyone looking for a bow, dagger, or staff wielder (with one being on foot and the other mounted) should definitely consider cashing in some Orbs.

As much as I love Lucius and Jaffar, the big draw here has to be Ninian. Representing not just a dancer but a dragon as well, she serves as a hybrid of two of the most useful character types seen in game so far. You can see all six of them in action below.


Known simply as Fire Emblem when localized, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade is the one that started it all overseas and holds a special place in the hearts of anyone that’s been putting their tactical minds to the test since 2003. Speaking personally, it’s also adding a few of my absolute favorites of this or any Fire Emblem.

Nintendo has also added in some new quests to gain Orbs and other bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, thanks to the recent Voting Gauntlet’s rousing success, every player has been gifted twenty Orbs today. That’s enough for a full summoning right there, so for all my fellow fans of The Blazing Blade, good luck!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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