Good news, Pokéfans! The newest additions to the US Pokémon Center store include more Ditto themed plushes. We received the first batch of Ditto plushes in the series not too long ago, so it’s great seeing new offerings up on the site already.

Among the characters this time around are Pichu, Vulpix, Espeon, Umbreon and Raichu. They’re available in both their medium size forms, standing anywhere between 5.5″ and 7.5″ tall, for $14.99; and their smaller forms are also ready for the buying as plush keychains for $8.99.

Head on over to the Pokémon Center site to view the entire Ditto collection. The brand new additions have the red ‘New!’ tag in their titles.

Ready to add more Poké plushes to your collection? Looking at these now, I know I am!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

Designer and writer by day, gamer by night, Lauren dreams big when it comes to creative endeavors. Perhaps that's why she's taken on the roles of creative director and managing editor for Nintendo Wire. If she had a video game superhero alias, it might just be The Visionary, a true keeper of imaginative order.