Having an accessory be reversible can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. Consider the Joy-Con strap: there isn’t a left or right version of it and that means it can be used with either Joy-Con without much fuss. The keyword there is “much,” as it’s definitely possible to slide it on backwards with respect to your intended controller, misaligning the buttons and making removing the controller a little trickier. Nintendo had a little foresight on the matter and the company’s uploaded a video to its Japanese YouTube page showcasing just how to handle an improperly attached Joy-Con strap.


While the video’s in Japanese it’s pretty easy to follow the steps visually. If you’re ever unsure if you’re attaching it properly, just check the corner. The strap has “+” and “-” icons that’ll line up with your Joy-Con’s corresponding button.

Have you had any issues like this yourself? Any other small mistakes with your new system? I can definitely see a lot cropping up with how versatile the Switch can be. No need to be shy, go ahead and share below.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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