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With the ending of one rotation of summons in Fire Emblem Heroes comes another with a similarly familial theme. A set of characters and maps have been added as a part of the new “Sibling Bonds” theme.

This focus is notable for featuring not four, but six characters as a part of its focus pool. The stars this time around are Eldigan (Sword) and his sister Lachesis (Staff) hailing from Genealogy of the Holy War, Olwen (Blue Mage) and her brother Reinhardt (Blue Mage) from Thracia 776, Klein (Bow) from Binding Blade, who joins his already present sister Clarine, and Sanaki (Red Mage) from Radiant Dawn, whose sibling is… both not in the game yet, and a massive spoiler for that game. She’s also the first representative from Radiant Dawn (and the Tellius titles as a whole), and Olwen and Reinhardt are Heroes’ first Thracia members.


Similar to the last theme, missions give rewards for using the Focus characters and clearing the three new paralogue maps with special conditions. The Focus lasts over half a month, until March 14th, so get your orbs while you can!

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