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After Narcian’s entrance into the game, players may have caught themselves wondering who would be the next addition to Fire Emblem Heroes. Wait no more, as the female incarnation of the tome-toting strategist Robin has gone from a story mode enemy to a recruitable hero. She’s a Green unit, a color which has been pretty light on mages within the mobile title. You can check out her challenge map below:

For the record, the team I’m using is not one I’d recommend bringing into this map. The mages and closed off area make approaching difficult, and Robin herself is effective against cavalry units. Just like with other special maps you’ll need to complete it without losing any allies to summon her, but you’ve only got three days from now to do it. It looks like the FE Heroes team wants to give players a hand this time around too, as a new focus centered on fighting Robin has been added to the game. The new summoning option gives players greater chances at recruiting Hawkeye, Fir, Maria, and the Awakening version of Tiki to their ranks. Good luck to anyone who gives it a try.

Whether you loved her in Awakening, Smash, or just want a new character to level up don’t miss out on Robin! She’s ready to tip the scales now.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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