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The obituary for Alan Stone, co-founder of Nintendo of America and CEO of Sega Enterprises (now known as Sega Entertainment), has officially been published. Stone, an industry veteran who was an integral part in Nintendo’s coin-op game era, passed away just on Friday from cancer.

Stone hadn’t been a part of Nintendo since 1994, when he left to join Sega as president and CEO for a decade. After moving on from the company, he continued to use his experience to serve in executive positions at other game-and tech-focused companies. Most recently, he served as a board member and chief operating officer of Nanotech Media.

If you’d like to hear Stone reflect on his time in the game industry, he participated in a brief interview in 2013 about his role at Nanotech.

Despite his non-involvement with Nintendo for quite some time, Stone clearly played a major part in Nintendo’s history. Intergame has a touching tribute to Stone on its website.

Stone will be sorely missed and remembered fondly for his contributions to the industry.

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Written by George Comatas

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