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For the next week, three sets of new quests have been made available in my mobile obsession, which you might know as Fire Emblem Heroes. These quest lines are each focused on one of the three pillars of Fire Emblem’s weapon triangle: swords, lances, and axes. Rewards are primarily upgrade materials for the corresponding color of the weapon (so the sword quests give red shards and badges), but also include a grand total of six orbs across the three quest lines.

The quests in these sets can be broken up into two categories: clearing Training Tower Stratums, and completing certain story chapters at specific difficulties. The challenge lies in doing it with a a team with only sword, lance, or axe wielders. This can potentially hurt if the chapter is heavy on the color the weapon’s weak against, but with there being no level restrictions enough training will pull you through. That last detail pairs nicely with the ongoing x1.5 EXP event currently being held.

One last, important detail is that these are weapon based quests, not color based quests. No tome wielders, Manaketes, or colorless units can be on your team even if they’re the same color as the quest defined weapon. Hopefully you have enough variety thanks to your summons and daily specials maps, or you might have to gather up some Orbs before the quests expire. Good luck everybody!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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