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If there’s one event that stands out in Mario Sports Superstars’ line up it’s horse racing. Golf and tennis happen regularly enough, and baseball and soccer have both gotten a few games to their credit. The idea of Mario and friends racing on horses never would have occurred to me, but here we are. The Mushroom Kingdom’s going to have a new, kartless way to race real soon.

Nintendo UK’s uploaded a video showing a few bits of these derbies. Equestrian events may have been in the latest Mario & Sonic game, but I’m still amazed there’re horses that can support Wario in the first place. I’m also finding myself surprised by the bit of extra depth the mode seems to have.

Customization in Mario sports games are nothing new, with the unlockable gear in Mario Golf: World Tour being one of my favorite parts of the whole game. But it looks like Sports Superstars is going to be taking inspiration from Nintendogs when it comes to interacting with and raising your horse. The happier and better kept it is, the better performance you’ll see on the track. There’re also customization options you can unlock, adding to the more personal touch.

Mario Sports Superstars and its new line of amiibo cards will be launching on March 24th. Till then you might want to watch that trailer a few more times till the the Planet of the Apes-like shock of Donkey Kong riding a horse wears off.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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