The Pokémon Company has announced a brand-new game headed to mobile devices this year: Splash! Magikarp.

The news comes in the form of a teaser website, designed like a newspaper article about two strange, Magikarp-shaped holes that have appeared in a quiet town.

splash magikarp

Also included on the page is a “witness testimony” of a fisherman who discovered the holes, who explains an investigation into their cause is underway.

Text near the bottom of the page reveals the game’s developer is Select Button, which previously developed the mobile game Survive! Mola mola!

Splash! Magikarp will be released for iOS and Android in Spring 2017.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

Always with his head in the clouds, Daniel is never apart from his creative thoughts – a blessing for an aspiring fiction writer. As a journalist and lifelong gamer, he aims to provide readers with the very best in Nintendo coverage.

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