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Nintendo Japan has released some new tidbits of information on the upcoming Mario Sports SuperStars amiibo cards and how they’ll function within the game.

First of all, amiibo characters, or Superstar characters, have higher stats than standard characters. Superstar characters are only available via amiibo cards and cannot be unlocked in any other way. One way that differentiates Superstars from other amiibo-driven games is that tapped amiibo cards can be collected and used without having the card available at all times. There even appears to be a nice little album that shows the cards you have in your collection.

Another screenshot shows amiibo cards being used in a minigame, much like the game Breakout where a ball is used to attack Shy Guys at the top of the screen. Not much else is known about how minigames will be used to power up cards at this time.

Mario Sports Superstars launches on the 3DS alongside a new set of Mario Sports amiibo cards on March 24th. You can pre-order the game at Amazon now. Launch editions of the game include one packed-in amiibo card.

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Written by Jason Ganos

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