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The results are in! Maintaining their midterm poll placements, Ike and Lyn have won the Fire Emblem Heroes “Choose Your Legends” poll that took place during late January.

The news was announced via a tweet from Nintendo of America.

The two racked up 33,871 and 49,971 votes, respectively. (Ike’s number may seem much smaller, but add up his two versions and he ends up with a massive 51,555 count.) The two will be receiving special costumes to commemorate the occasion, as will the 2nd place finishers for each gender, Roy (28,982 votes) and Lucina (42,875 votes). The remainder of the top ten will get some wallpaper calendars as prizes.

Some other tidbits/observations:

  • The Top 9 spots between the midterm report and the final tallies didn’t shift spots at all for either gender, likely because big proponents of individual characters changed their voting habits at the exact same time.
  • In fact, almost everybody in the Top 20 in the midterms was Top 20 by the end… with one exception, M!Corrin (was 19th), who was replaced by Eliwood in the same spot.
  • M!Robin (8th, 14,149 votes) proved more popular than F!Robin (11th, 10,387), while F!Corrin (5th, 19,599) blew M!Corrin (out of the Top 20) away.
  • Marth suffered from the game-split much more than Ike did, ending up in the spots of 6th (15,877 votes) and 17th (8,670). Combined, he would’ve ended up with 25,457 votes, knocking him up to 4th.
  • If you took out the characters who had appeared in Smash Bros., the winners would’ve been the 3rd place finishers Hector (26,557) and Tharja (29,450). Roy, Ike and Lucina (alongside Marth, Robin and Corrin) are all playable characters, while Lyn is an assist trophy.
  • Empowered by memes and poisoned mutton, Dorcas shot up from 18th to a surprising 12th (12,083 votes) for the biggest leap between the midterms and final results. The largest fall is a three-way tie between Donnel (10th -> 13th, 10,479), FE3!Marth (14th -> 17th, 8,670), and FE13!Anna (14th ->.17th, 8,431).
  • Only four characters in the combined Top 10s are not 3DS characters or found in Smash: Hector, Ephraim, Eirika and Micaiah.

You can check out the top 20 rankings for both male and female characters below, as well as the full results at the “Choose Your Legends” website. Stay connected to Nintendo Wire for details on the costumes for the victors, whenever they release.

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