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On the eve of its release, rewards relating to Fire Emblem Heroes have gone up on My Nintendo. They include the following:

  • 10 Orbs that can be used to summon heroes or buy stamina potions [Free]
  • 500 Universal Shards, which can be used to level up units that are Level 19 or lower
  • 500 Universal Crystals, which have a similar effect except for those Level 20 or higher [100 P. Coins].
  • Stamina Potion that completely refills Stamina Meter [100 P. Coins]
  • Light’s Blessing: an item that when used in battle will revive all allies, restore HP, enable allies to move, and enable use of Special skills. [100 P. Coins]
  • Dueling Crest: restores all Dueling Swords (perhaps a PvP element? Or a function of the arena? We have yet to see). [100 P. Coins]

Hopefully you can put those Platinum Coins you’ve been hoarding to good use!

Fire Emblem Heroes launches tomorrow (or later today, depending on where you are) on Android and iOS.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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