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According to a string of tweets by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, it looks like Nintendo’s relationship with Nvidia could be running a lot deeper than any of us had previously thought.


China is notorious for being difficult to sell consoles in, but with Nintendo’s jump to mobile in the past year, the company may be using its new developments to help the people of China get their hands on some of its older games. Apparently, the 2006 DS title New Super Mario Bros. has been confirmed to release in China, but the question raised here is: How?

The Switch is not currently confirmed for release in China, which leads Ahmad to believe that Nintendo will be allowing Nvidia to release some of its old games on its Shield hardware through a content share agreement. One news site in China even reported this as fact.

If this does end up being true, Nintendo will effectively be working its way around the Chinese market to reach a wider audience, while the Nvidia Shield devices will benefit from a (probably) huge line of exclusive titles through Nintendo. It’s important to note that this development is only for China, however, and the chances of old Nintendo games showing up on mobile in other regions is slim to none.

Still, it’s interesting to hear that Nintendo could be finding a way around previous obstacles. Of course, this is still all speculation (the Shield part is; NSMB is confirmed to be coming to China no matter what), but it sounds like it’s pretty likely overall.


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Written by George Comatas

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