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With a little less than a week to go, Nintendo has revealed the current polling in the Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends event. The competition is stacked so far, but on both the male and female sides is a frontrunner. For the men, we have Ike, the Radiant Hero in front; and as for women the leader is Lyn, the Girl from the Plains. Tailing Ike closely are Roy and Hector, and behind Lyn are Lucina and Tharja.

As a reminder, the winner for each category will receive a special promotional costume in game, and everybody in the top 10 will receive calendar wallpapers. Beyond the current frontrunners, here’s a couple other stray observations:

  • No villains have cracked the top 20 for either gender.
  • Discounting Marth and Roy (likely due to Smash popularity), no other characters from the first six games or their remakes show up.
  • A couple characters suffer from split votes due to being in multiple games. Ike is both #1 and #5, and Marth is #6 and #14. This presumably also affects characters like Mia and Nephenee, and especially Anna.
  • Almost all characters are either Lords or from one of the 3DS titles. The exceptions are: Joshua (#17, Sacred Stones), Dorcas (18th, Blazing Blade), Lute (15th, Sacred Stones), Mia (17th, Radiant Dawn), Nephenee (18th, Path of Radiance) and Nino (20th, Blazing Blade).
  • The two Robins are at similar rankings – M!Robin at 8th, F!Robin at 10th. However, there’s a massive gap between the Corrins – F!Corrin is near the front at 5th, while M!Corrin is lagging behind at 19th.
  • The Male Top 10 has at least one character from every FE since Binding Blade (discounting the Japan-only FE3 remake). The Female Top 10 is missing a character from Path of Radiance and Shadow Dragon, and 70% of it is composed of 3DS characters.
  • Despite Lyn and Hector’s huge popularity (the strongest combined placings for a single game right now, at 1st and 3rd) Eliwood is nowhere to be found.
  • Exactly half of the Male Top 10 has blue hair.

You can check out the full midterm rankings below. And head on over to the FE Heroes website, where you can vote for your favorite Fire Emblem characters, such as Hector, Hector, or even Hector. Voting ends on the 31st, and you can vote once per day, so be sure to get your votes (for Hector) in before then!


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