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Players of Pokémon Sun & Moon have been eagerly anticipating the imminent Pokémon Bank update for months now, which will finally allow them to transfer their older creatures into the newer games. It will also include compatibility with the Red, Blue and Yellow Virtual Console re-releases. Nintendo Hong Kong has detailed the update and as a result we have a better understanding of how things will work.

For starters, Pokémon imported from the classic games will likely have 3 max IVs, a randomized nature and potentially have their hidden ability. They will also have a Game Boy icon displayed on their Summary page.

The in-built National Pokédex will also sync up across all games and you won’t need to deposit Pokémon into the bank in order to register them. It will also show you which games you have the Pokémon in.

Finally, you’ll be able to send Battle Points and track various statistics, such as Eggs Hatched. We’ll be sure to let you know when the update goes live.

Source: Serebii

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Written by Tom Brown

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