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Christmas may be over, but the holiday spirit is still in full swing, and Pokémon GO is celebrating the New Year with a followup event to their Christmas offerings.

From now until January 8th, Kanto starters and their evolutions will be easier to find in the game. Lure modules will last twice as long (an hour instead of 30 minutes), and players can buy three different box bundles that give items: Bronze (100 Poké Balls and 8 Lure Modules at 460 Coins), Silver (8 Incense, 8 Luck Eggs, and 8 Lure Modules at 980 Coins) and Gold (50 Great Balls, 25 Incense, 25 Lucky Eggs, and 16 Lure Modules at a whopping 2,480 Coins).

The event is commemorated with a special loading screen featuring baby Pokémon watching fireworks. While that has no bearing on gameplay, it’s very cute…

Thanks to Serebii for the information.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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