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Mario’s first big foray into the mobile scene has not seen the booming success that Nintendo expected, and the poor results are now hurting Nintendo’s stock. Over the last five days, the Big N’s stock price has dropped more than 16%, largely due to the negativity surrounding Super Mario Run.

Consumers are very mixed about the new app from Nintendo, and most of the negativity is concentrated on one thing: the price point. Super Mario Run is a free download from the App Store, but it costs $9.99 to unlock all of the levels and features. While the app did reach the top spot in the United States, it didn’t make it to number one in Japan, the home of Mario.

Did Pokémon GO raise expectations too much? Does Super Mario Run still have a second wind of revenue on the way? We’ll find out, but it definitely looks like Nintendo needs to reevaluate pricing and marketing if the company wants to succeed on this new platform.


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Written by Logan Plant

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