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Square-Enix just finished up the Dragon Quest XI portion of their Jump Festa 2017 live stream schedule and it was filled with gameplay and story details, although sadly the Switch version was a no-show. There are three trailers in total however, the first of which has gameplay from PS4 to start with and moves into the 3DS version.

Next we have two more story-focused trailers. One of them focuses on a party member you’ll come across on your journey – the blue-haired thief Camus. While this is PS4 footage, the character will appear in the 3DS version:

Finally we have a pre-rendered cinematic trailer that shows off many characters who have yet to be named and sets up the world of “Rotozetasia” in which the game takes place. It definitely sets the tone:

Dragon Quest XI is slated for a release next year in Japan for PS4 and 3DS, and there has been no word on a western launch just yet. Switch specifics have yet to be unveiled, but don’t be surprised if it makes an appearance at the Switch event on January 12th. We will be seeing Dragon Quest XI news sooner than that though, with a special 30th anniversary stream landing on December 29th.

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Written by Tom Brown

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