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Celebrate! The Pokémon Center located in Sapporo just reopened and it’s kicking off the event with a beautiful line of exclusive merchandise, all of which are limited in quantity. Much like the winter and Christmas products that were released across the various Japan’s Pokémon Center locations a few weeks ago, this new batch of wintry items provides a chill in Pokémon fashion that will warm your heart to no end.

Once again, the theme behind this line is snow and ice displayed through a mix of Pokémon from the franchise, with the main focus falling on a bunch of the newly introduced characters in Sun & Moon. Pikachu, as always, is front and center, this time donning an adorable Tapu Koko themed snow cap to keep his fuzzy little head warm alongside a sweet mini snowman version of himself. Other notable characters included in the holiday lineup are all three starters (Rowlet, Litten, Popplio), Eevee, Alolan Vulpix, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Rotom Dex and more.


Products include plushes (as always), keychains, folders, notebooks, statues, dishware and many other items showcasing the lovely winter art.

While a few products from the first group of holiday themed items made their way to the U.S. Pokémon Center, it seems likely that the exclusivity of all these new pieces may keep them from wandering overseas this time. Again, right about now would be a good time for you to become friends with someone who lives in Japan so they can snatch up all these new items on your holiday wish list. And sure, there’s always good, old, trusty eBay to keep in mind!

These items will officially be available on Thursday, December 1st. For a full look at all of the Sapporo-exclusive products, head on over to the official Japanese Pokémon Center site!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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