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With Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s recent (very large) update, there’s a lot of new information to process. Even if you watched the Direct already, it’s possible you’d still like a refresher when it comes to remembering every single bit of info the 16 minute video covered. Well, you’re in luck! Nintendo’s just released a more precise, version of the Direct with its “All You Need to Know about Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo” video. Just six minutes long, this new video outlines all of the major additions in New Leaf by providing a short guide showing players all the new features offered in the software update.

Topics in the video guide

  • amiibo functionality and Wisp’s new role in the game
  • Other games integrated into Animal Crossing through amiibo
  • Welcome amiibo cards availability
  • Campground and Harvey’s role
  • MEOW Coupons
  • Town initiatives
  • Minigames added: Desert Island Escape and Puzzle League
  • New touch controls for designing houses
  • Storage space
  • Sell town and start a new one
  • amiibo Camera

Watch the video

This visual tour does a nice job giving experienced players a reason to start playing again while showing new players why New Leaf would be fun to pick up for the first time. The newly packaged game with the update already installed will hit store shelves on December 2nd, the same day the brand new amiibo card packs are released.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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