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This morning’s Animal Crossing Direct detailed the new Welcome amiibo update, showing what happens when you tap various amiibo into your game. What wasn’t shown, however, was what happens when you tap the Villager amiibo into your game.

Once you summon Wisp from the magic lamp and tap the Villager amiibo, Wisp becomes frantic, stating that the Villager you are requesting is far too legendary to possess. If you’re persistent though, Wisp gets an idea and asks you to meet him at Harvey’s campground. Once there there is a red RV with a stylized number one on the side. Entering the RV reveal… Wisp? Apparently, he resides in this particular RV.

If you speak to him, he tells you that he wasn’t able to bring that particular villager to your town after all, but he’s done something to make it up to you. He’s been able to scrape together a few things related to the legendary villager, and stocked the RV with them. From inside the RV you can order these items from Wisp, like you would with any other character invited to your town.

Here’s a full list of the items inside of the RV for you to order:

  • Lunar Horizon wallpaper
  • Galaxy Floor carpet
  • GameCube Drawer
  • NDS Lite Bench
  • Nintendo Bench
  • Nintendo DSi Bench
  • Villager Statue
  • Wii Remote Cabinet
  • Wii U Console

Each of the items costs three MEOW Coupons to order. The Wii U Console is of particular interest, since it will allow you to play Desert Island Escape after you order it and place it in your home.

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Written by Jaxson Tapp