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Well, Animal Crossing fans, the highly anticipated day has come. No, I’m not talking about the feature added today that allows us to scan in our favorite villagers using amiibo cards. I’m talking about kicking out all those villagers we’ve been wanting to boot. You know, the ones who anger us to no end by refusing to leave.

If you invite a new villager into your town by tapping in an amiibo and your town happens to be full, you’ll be given the opportunity to evict a current resident to make room for the newcomer.


Before you’re allowed to finally create this utopic town, however, remember that you’ll have to unlock the new amiibo feature by playing the game for a while. While walking around your town, you’ll randomly bump into Wisp who will lead you through the amiibo introductory process.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you can only summon a new villager once a day, meaning that you’ll only have the opportunity to remove an old villager once every day.

So, if that one pesky villager who decided to locate their house right on top of your beautifully decorated flowerbed outside your own house has been causing you to shake your fist for the longest time hasn’t budged when it comes to leaving town, today is your day!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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