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After almost 4 years on the market the Wii U will be ending production this week, if a new report from Eurogamer is anything to go by. Supposedly the final deadline for orders was yesterday and the Japanese production line will wrap up soon.

On September 30th Nintendo confirmed it had shipped 13.36 million Wii U’s and Eurogamer believes the final tally will only be slightly more. This early cancellation is quite a change for Nintendo too, as previous consoles have tended to be produced even after the release of their successors (the GameCube ended production in 2007, for example.) Given the lack of exclusive releases for the Wii U in the coming months, however, it’s somewhat understandable Nintendo is drawing the line now.

Of course one of the more pressing issues regarding the end of production is that it’ll become much harder to find a brand new Wii U and replacement Game Pads. At the very least Nintendo will likely still offer Wii U repairs for a few years to come.

Banner photo via Alex Washburn/Wired

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Written by Tom Brown

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