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Japan’s Monster Hunter Direct was held today and we now know the next installment will be Monster Hunter XX, read “Double Cross”, for Nintendo 3DS. This will be the upgraded version of Monster Hunter X, or Monster Hunter Generations as it was titled stateside. The game brought the style system to the series so it’s only fitting that it would see some expansion. So far we know that the new Brave style will be coming and at least one more will be added, though it remains a mystery at this time. G-Rank will also be coming to the game, bringing greater challenge and replayability to the game after it was omitted from the standard Generations.

As far as monsters go XX will add another marquee creature, tentatively romanized as Barufaruku, which will be along to challenge hunters with its ignited wings. Diablos will also have a new variant unveiled for the game. The Prowler system will also be expanded, such as allowing them to jump off the backs of monsters as well as further additions and changes to be revealed later.

For those invested fully in X/Generations rest easy: your save data can be transferred over to maintain progress. As for those in Japan playing the recently released Monster Hunter Stories, they will receive an outfit for their palicoes modeled on Nabiru from the spin off. Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on March 18, 2017. As we still haven’t gotten any word on Stories in the West it could be a while till we potentially see this one, but we’ll keep you up to date in the mean time.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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