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Dust off those paint guns and load up your ink supplies – Nintendo of America has announced a series of Splatoon tournaments for the month of November, dubbed the Splatoon Showdown Series.

Starting November 5th, teams of four players will battle in one of Splatoon’s four game modes for the title of champion. Each weekend will have a different game mode take center stage – the 5th-6th as well as the 12th will be Turf War contests; the 12th-13th and 19th will host Tower Control fights; the 19th-20th and the 26th will hold Splat Zone showdowns, and the 26th-27th plus the 3rd of December will contain Rainmaker duels. Each game mode will have two days of qualifiers and then one day of finals. All competition days take place on weekends, so with luck most school and work schedules won’t interfere.

Teams are made ahead of time, so be sure to contact your buddies now so you can start training. Registration and full details can be found at Be sure to check in early on the days of competition so you don’t miss your chance!

While no prizes or rewards have been announced for the tournament at this time, the SSS is notable for being one of the first Nintendo-hosted tournaments for any of its games. This, when put aside the showcasing of Splatoon in the Switch trailer, may be suggesting that Nintendo is planning an eSports related future for Splatoon, and potentially other games in its catalogue.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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