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The special demo version of Pokémon Sun & Moon has made its way to players’ hands in various parts of the world, with its American release coming later today. In the period of time between its launch and now, a massive data mining has occurred that’s revealed plenty more about the game: in particular, more species and forms of Pokémon. While we don’t condone data mining or obtaining info in other, similar ways, we also feel responsible to share this news as it comes for those of you who do want to be aware of it.

I’d like to give a fair and detailed warning for anyone wishing to remain in the dark; this article is going to feature heavy spoilers. I repeat, there will be spoilers ahead! This will include tweets and images as well, so I heavily advise anyone trying to avoid this information from scrolling further down.

Final warning: After the break there will be images and words that could heavily spoil Pokémon Sun & Moon. This is as clear and blatant as I can be.

Still here?

Alright, here we go.

Starting with basic details, the National Pokédex will now extend to at least 800 Pokémon. While we’ve seen a good number of these new faces already through official Nintendo reveals, we now know even more. Here’s one piece of info players are always dying to know: The starter final evolutions have been discovered. They match with artwork that was leaked months ago as well, proving their validity (and solidifying that Rowlet was the right choice for me from the beginning).


Next we see new Alolan forms, some already implied and others a bit more surprising. Alolan Persian joins Meowth and appears to be a bit more rotund than its Kanto counterpart. Diglett and Dugtrio will also be receiving new forms, with Dugtrio reportedly being seen in the demo itself naturally. Sporting some stunning hair, it’s definitely an interesting choice for such a simplistic Pokémon. Finally rounding out the roster is Geodude and its entire evolutionary line. Each of them are a bit craggier than we’ve ever seen them before.


Now have a look at several new Pokémon both related to existing, known Pokémon, and some being completely standalone by the look of things. This includes apparent evolutions of Pikipek, Crabrawler, Salandit and Wimpod. Likewise, we see more Minior core colors and even clarification of and an evolution for the mysterious Pokémon leaked via a Sun & Moon Trading Card Game box. As far as brand new faces go, we have a pair of new insect-like Pokémon and what looks to be an anchor based Pokémon. It’s important to note that the typings for these haven’t been revealed, so while it might reason that the first pair would be Bug-type and the anchor could be a Steel/Water mix, that’s mere speculation as of now.

Since its reveal, Tapu Koko has stood out as an interestingly designed and plot significant Pokémon, leading many to believe there could be more like it. Such thoughts have proven true with purple, pink and red Pokémon in a similar style being found as well. Of note is that these colors match the four of Oricorio, perhaps indicating which of these will be on what islands once these things are known.

While Solgaleo and Lunala were some of the earliest shown Pokémon, some mysterious models were revealed in relation to them. Whether these are Pokémon, forms, items, or something else entirely, has yet to be known thanks to the nature of this information (as of now). Magearna also has a secondary model revealed where its coloration leans more heavily towards a modern Poké Ball.

As for the mysterious Ultra Beasts, a grand total of eight have been seen. No word on which may be version exclusives other than the existing reveals, or what their exist place in respect to Alola, the Pokédex, or anything at all really. All we have are their appearances, and they certainly push the boundaries as far as designs go.

Lastly, we get a look at an adorable little legendary apparently named Marshadow. This will likely be the mythical Pokémon for this generation, in line with Mew and the other distribution-only legendaries.

The final addition is more akin to Ash-Greninja, and it’s something that’s sure to please longtime fans. While the specifics are still lacking, it can be assumed that what we have is potentially an Ash-Pikachu. Coming in six variants, each wearing a different version of Ash’s various hats from the anime, this is likely to be some sort of event-related distribution or gifted Pokémon – but with there being multiple hats, it’s likely this’ll be a very interesting cross-promotional development.

To view the different forms of Ash’s Pikachu, watch the video below, or you can skip ahead to the 39 second mark.

That does it for the new Pokémon reveals, though we’ve also seen all of these in their shiny variations as well. This includes Zygarde Complete, the secondary Magearna design, and most surprisingly the Ultra Beasts.

For now this is extremely preliminary by its very nature. We have no way of knowing when and if this could be pulled from the internet in any capacity. If more comes to light, it may be covered, but what we can guarantee is the continued and dedicated coverage of official Pokémon reveals as they come from Nintendo and the Pokémon Company.

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