The Pokémon Global Link has historically been the online hub for Pokémon games since Pokémon Black & White. We then saw it update to be compatible with Pokémon X & Y as those games launched. Now, Pokémon Global Link is updating yet again. The version of Pokémon Global Link that is compatible with Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire will be going dark later this month, and will be reopening on November 18th to coincide with the launch of Pokémon Sun & Moon. After today’s trailer, the official Sun & Moon site updated with more info on what Sun & Moon will bring to the Pokémon Global Link.

Rating battles will be making a return to Pokémon Sun & Moon, with four styles of play this time around. Single, Double, Special, and Championship. Special battles have a different set of rules each season, and the first season of Special battles will be single-battle, with a rule set that will allow Pokémon that would not be able to take part under normal circumstances, such as Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, and Ash-Greninja. Championship battles will allow players to play with the ruleset for the Pokémon World Championships year-round. The ruleset for 2017, available starting November 18, limits double battles to Pokémon found in Alola’s Pokédex, excluding Mythical Pokémon and legendaries. The championship rules also prevent mega stones from being used, and only allow Pokémon obtained in Pokémon Sun & Moon.


Another system being introduced to these battles is “Your Time,” which will limit the total amount of time each trainer has to use during a Rating Battle to only 10 minutes. You are allotted 60 seconds to pick your Pokémon’s move each turn, so use Your Time wisely!

Another exciting feature being added to Pokémon Global Link with Pokémon Sun & Moon is QR Rental Teams. This new feature will allow trainers to upload their teams via QR code for other players to rent and battle with in Link Battles and certain Rating Battles. Each player can have up to six Battle Teams that they can upload via QR code, and the same Pokémon can be on multiple Battle teams at once.

The Pokémon Global Link is also updating to include Global Missions, online challenges where Trainers around the world can work together to accomplish a goal. The first mission is expected to go live in late November, and the mission’s theme will be “Catch a lot of Pokémon!” The number of Pokémon that will need to be caught, along with other goals, will be announced directly before the mission goes live on the Pokémon Global Link. There will also be rewards for participating in and completing these missions. The website also mentions a special reward for all Pokémon Global Link members once the first mission is successful.

The last big feature of the Pokémon Global Link this time around is the ability to host your own Online Competitions, where you can set your own regulations and invite people to join in! There will be two styles of these competitions, Online and Live. In Online Competitions, you can have players around the world enter, or only a set of pre-approved Trainers. Live Competitions will be able to be entered by QR code. Players will scan the QR code and be able to battle using your regulations.

Stick around for even more Pokémon news on Nintendo Wire as we get closer and closer to the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon. Don’t forget to preorder your copy today! Pokémon Sun & Moon are launching on November 18th in the US.

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