Both of the Japanese 3DS themes we reported on yesterday, featuring Team Rocket and Team Galactic, are set to release in the U.S. later today.

team rocket 3ds theme

The Pokémon: A Sinister Organization – Team Rocket theme features Giovanni and the Team Rocket admins from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, along with Giovanni’s Pokémon and standard Team Rocket Grunts and their Pokémon. The music for this theme is Rocket Hideout from Pokémon Red and Blue.

team galactic 3ds theme

The Pokémon: A Sinister Organization – Team Galactic theme features Cyrus and his Pokémon, along with the Team Galactic Admins and Grunts, and their Pokémon. The music used for this theme is Battle! Team Galactic Commander.

Keep an eye out for both of these themes hitting the theme shop today for $1.99 each. It is still unknown if or when these themes will make it outside of the U.S. and Japan. Fingers crossed!

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Written by Jaxson Tapp

While Jaxson's time is currently filled with writing for Nintendo Wire and making sure he remembers to bring his 3DS absolutely everywhere, the greatest occupier of his time will always be anxiously waiting for Luigi's Mansion HD to be announced.

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