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One of the biggest video game expos in Europe is Paris Games Week, which has been running since 2010 and had an attendance of 307,000 last year (just under Gamescom’s 345,000). Despite this popularity, Nintendo has decided to hold off on attending this year, according to a report by French website JeuxVideo.


According to the company’s representatives, Nintendo won’t be attending as it does “not fit their annual plan”. Last year’s Nintendo showings included a 9 hour stream of games old and new, from Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 to upcoming titles like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tri Force Heroes. Given Nintendo’s quiet release schedule for the holiday season this year it makes some sense that they wouldn’t be able to pull off a similar showing, but it’s still doubtless disappointing to attendees.

Of course what is getting more people flustered is that many are banking on October being the month Nintendo finally unveils the NX, and it is a little unusual Nintendo wouldn’t use the opportunity of a wide-reaching event at the end of the month to show off its new system. There’s always the chance Nintendo is planning its own events however, where it would have full control over the venue, so we shouldn’t really jump the gun and assume the NX project is experiencing problems just yet.

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Written by Tom Brown

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