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Looks like there has been a change of plans in regards to how Darkrai will be distributed in North America. Instead of being distributed through a code in the Pokémon Company newsletter, Darkrai will be obtainable with a shared serial code of Darkrai20. This code is set to work until October 31st, which should be more than enough time for everyone to get their hands on the legendary Pokémon. Oh, one more thing: If you have already received Darkrai from Gamestop earlier this year, you cannot get him a second time!


Moving on to Europe, some new distributions for Volcanion have been confirmed. You’ll be able to pick up a code October 1st through November 23rd at Gamestop, Webhallen and Spel & Sånt locations in Sweden.

Finally, both the 3DS and mobile versions of Pokémon Shuffle are getting some new challenges:


  • Mega Beedrill Competitive Stage with a new tier of prizes:
  • Top 300 in North America, 200 in Europe and 1,000 in Japan will receive a Beedrillite, 3 Mega Speedups and 3 Raise Max Level.
  • Top 1,600 in North America, 1,000 in Europe and 5,000 in Japan will receive a Beedrillite, 2 Mega Speedups and 2 Raise Max Level.
  • Top 8,000 in North America, 5,000 in Europe and 25,000 in Japan will receive a Beedrillite, a Raise Max Level and a Mega Speedup.
  • Top 20,000 in North America, 13,000 in Europe and 60,000 in Japan will receive a Beedrillite and a Disruption Delay.
  • Top 26,000 in North America, 18,000 in Europe and 80,000 in Japan will receive an Attack Power and a Disruption Delay. All other players will receive an Attack Power.
  • Special Stage to get Slaking has appeared. It will be available until October 11th.
  • Keldeo Resolute Form Escalation Battle has begun with new rewards. It will be available until October 11th.
  • Special Mewtwo Stage has appeared. It will be available until October 4th.


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