Yesterday, a number of Amazon users who pre-ordered the upcoming physical release of indie title Runbow were greeted by a cancellation e-mail in their inboxes and, possibly, uncertainty about the future of the game.

Runbow Deluxe Edition: Amazon Cancellation E-mail

Any attempts to re-order the title through Amazon were thwarted by a “Currently Unavailable” message.

In response to a post on Reddit’s r/wiiu, Dave Proctor, managing director at developer 13AM Games, gave his insight into what had occurred:

Man, you guys ever wake up after not looking at your phone and realize that everyone thinks your game is cancelled? Happened to me.

Dave from 13AM Games here, and I am writing to tell you that Runbow Deluxe is certainly NOT cancelled. I think there’s a mixup with Amazon, which I’m trying to get to the bottom of. For those that preordered through Amazon, we will figure out what’s going on, for everyone else (and everyone else who was still looking forward to the game) it is absolutely not cancelled. (It even just entered certification!)

I’ll try to keep this awesome subreddit up to date as I get more news. Please help spread the word.

Those who lost their pre-orders through Amazon can instead purchase the game from both Best Buy and Target.

Runbow Deluxe Edition is set to be released on October 18th.

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