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When it comes to dealing with unique clients, Phoenix Wright is no stranger. Over the years he’s defended monks, astronauts and, well, an orca, but rarely does he defend anyone actively involved in perpetrating crimes.

That almost changed in the original design draft for the recent Spirit of Justice, however. According to a recent interview between Siliconera and Game Director Takeshi Yamazaki, Phoenix would be taking cases from members of the mafia and other underworld elements. This was to make the character more of an underdog again, after becoming a legendary lawyer in-universe. Check out the full quote:

Takeshi Yamazaki: One idea was to have Phoenix stand as a lawyer in an underground court that served the likes of the mafia and other underworld inhabitants. That underground court would hold trials and render judgment on those who’d broken the rules of the underworld, meaning that even Phoenix would have a tough time believing in his own clients. Furthermore, everyone involved in the trials would be members of the underworld, including witnesses and prosecutors, so naturally, there would be false testimonies, forged evidence, bribes, blackmail, and other dirty dealings going on. Under those circumstances, we figured even Phoenix would feel incredibly like a fish out of water.

In the end they did manage to make Phoenix an underdog by placing him in the Khura’in Kingdom, where defense attorneys are looked at with extreme disdain and most court cases are resolved with a Divination Séance. Still, it would have been interesting to see the lawyer deal with a much more unsavory crowd.

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Written by Tom Brown

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