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The Toad Squad is back in action with two all new Rescue V episodes that wrap up the cute little series. Keep in mind that both of these trailers were released earlier than planned on Nintendo Australia’s YouTube channel.

Episode 6

Episode 6 is titled “Grand Voyage! The Foggy Purple Sea” and follows Rescue Purple (the purple Toad, obviously) as he narrates Mario’s adventures at sea while sailing a pirate ship in the open waters. Find out what happens when he enters a cave on Fortune Island in the video below.

Episode 7

The conclusion to the tale of Rescue V is titled “Swear Upon the Orange Sun Rescue V Will Never Die!” The Toads finally come around to showing off why Mario and his painting skills are important to Mario Bros. adventures. It’s a nice way of coming full circle after the squad spent a lot of the miniseries focusing on how Toads are utilized throughout the new game. The trailer also features some new scenes never showcased in a Color Splash trailer before, so this is definitely a video you’ll want to check out!

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