It’s the start of another month, which means it’s time for a My Nintendo rewards refresh! Both North America and Europe have received new items, which are mostly discounts, but Europeans can also get their hands on the first Mario Kart 8 DLC pack. Check out the full list:

North America

Wii U:
15% discount on Yoshi’s Story – 150 Platinum Points
15% discount on Pushmo World – 150 Platinum Points
30% discount on Fire Emblem – 20 Gold Points
30% discount on F-Zero: Maximum Velocity – 20 Gold Points

15% discount on Paper Mario: Sticker Star – 600 Platinum Points
15% discount on Fluidity: Spin Cycle – 170 Platinum Points
15% discount on Dr Mario: Miracle Cure – 140 Platinum Points
30% discount on Star Fox 64 3D – 100 Gold Points
30% discount on Mario Golf: World Tour – 80 Gold Points


Wii U:
Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 – 60 Gold Points
15% off Mario Kart 8 – 500 Platinum Points
50% off XType Plus – 150 Platinum Points
30% off Super Mario Galaxy – 350 Platinum Points

30% off Nano Assault EX – 300 Platinum Points
15% off Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. – 200 Platinum Points

These rewards will be available until December 1, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide!

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Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little bit different, Tom is ready to report on games of all shapes and sizes, whether they be wonderful or weird (or, better yet, both.) Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.

Tom Brown

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