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Mario has had a long and prolific history of taking time off to play sports with friend and nemesis alike, and the tradition continues today with the announcement of Mario Sports Superstars: a compilation of five sports into one, 3DS game-sized package.

Check out footage from the game from today’s Nintendo Direct, starting at 56:31:

Unlike the franchise’s previous multi-sports game, Mario Sports Mix for Wii, the majority of the sports this time are ones Mario & co. have already participated in within standalone titles: soccer, baseball, tennis and golf. Only horseback racing is a fresh addition to the roster.

Since these sports have had their own Mario games before, it’s unknown whether they’ll be just as fleshed out and fun as in previous titles or if they’ll offer a more watered down experience. Soccer, at the least, appears quite different from its Super Mario Strikers incarnation, losing its gritty combat style in favor of more realistic 11 vs 11 pitch action.

Time will tell how similar baseball, tennis, and golf play in relation to their standalone titles, and whether the pack as a whole will be up to snuff. Details are sparse as of now, but we’ll be sure to update with more info in the future.

Mario Sports Superstars launches in Spring 2017.

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