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Nintendo is no stranger to creative and unique designs for its handhelds, but its newest version of the New 3DS XL is stellar indeed. NOA revealed today a new galaxy styled New 3DS XL, which ships today and will be found in North American stores starting this week.

The announcement was coupled with a video by company president Reggie Fils-Aimé, who offered a fairly standard appraisal of the system and its functions. Besides the cool violet-white design, it appears to be just the same as other New 3DS XL systems. Even so, it’s sure to be a neat design for collectors and space fans alike.

The system will retail at the standard New 3DS XL price of $199.99. No European release has been announced.

You can order the Galaxy Style New 3DS XL on Amazon today!

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  1. Rae Hoover
    Rae Hoover says:

    I actually like it. But I already have the two monster Hunter XL’s and and now the new Mario’s standard (which I love for carrying around). But if these don’t sell out I might possibly find enough money in the next couple months to add to my collection. I wish it were all purple.

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  2. Georgina Perez

    That’s a hipster version but I want it thoughg!!

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