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Nintendo’s fun new trailer miniseries, Rescue V, advertising Paper Mario: Color Splash, is continuing with Episode 2 today! If you checked out Episode 1 last week, you may remember that the chief and his squad of adorable Toads made a point of stating that Mario is not, in fact, the protagonist of all the Mushroom Kingdom adventures, but instead, the Toads were responsible for saving the kingdom time and time again. Rescue V set out to show the world what it’s all about!

In Episode 2, titled “Move Out! Sheer Cliffs on a Red Road!”, the Toad called Rescue Red aims to show players the bravery behind his squad. Filled with that same old school vibe as the first episode and fun illustrations displaying how Toads help out Mario in Color Splash, this newest addition to the miniseries will make you wonder what’s coming next in Episode 3.

Watch it now:

Paper Mario: Color Splash releases on the Wii U on October 7th. Pre-order your copy on Amazon today. Save 20% with Prime!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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