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While there aren’t too many big budget games releasing for Wii U in the months to come, the upcoming indie line-up for the system is undeniably impressive. It turns out another indie developer is hoping to release their game in time for the holidays too – Snowcastle Games, the team behind the Kickstarted RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic.

In a recent Kickstarter update the team has run through its release plans across various platforms, as the game is rapidly approaching its September 1st launch on Steam and Xbox One. When it comes to the Wii U, they had this to say:

“We are dead set on getting the game out on Wii U. We believe our backers deserve it and on the contrary to what some say, we also believe there is still a Wii U market worth pursuing. How long it takes we don’t know, but we really, really want to launch on Wii U in good time before the holiday season. (That means November)”

Earthlock itself is a turn-based RPG with a linear story, clearly meant to evoke classic JRPGs of the ’90s. A crafting system will also be a part of the game, where players tend to a home base and grow their own ammunition for use in battle. You can check out the launch trailer below:

It’s promising to see a Kickstarter group seem so committed to the platforms it promised to support way back in March 2014, so here’s hoping the game will make it over to the Wii U soon!

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Written by Tom Brown

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