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Pokémon games have always had ways to get rich a little quicker, be it the Amulet Coin item across the series or working at the Hotel Richissime in X and Y. For Sun and Moon it looks like avaricious trainers can earn a little extra cash by tossing Pyukumuku back into the ocean, of all things, and with a little added character at that.

As mentioned in its Pokédex entry, Pyukumuku tend to stick with a spot they like for good. Once they clear out the food supply in the area they’re likely to starve since they refuse to leave. Alolan people find this behavior a little (I say endearingly) pitiful to say the least, so it’s become a practice to throw them back into the water where they can hopefully find more food or at least a better spot. That said they might just find their way back after all…

In the video uploaded to the official V Jump YouTube channel we get to see this practice performed by the player. By running around the beach and interacting with anchored Pyukumuku they not only do the Pokémon a solid by hopefully saving its life, but also earn 20,000 Pokédollars in the process! While I’ve never found money all that hard to come by in Pokémon games I’m sure this’ll be a great means for trainers that love to spend and spend well.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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