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20% Off with Prime

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force ($39.99 at Amazon. $31.99 with Prime)
Style Savy: Fashion Forward ($29.99 at Amazon. $23.99 with Prime)
Shantae and the Pirates Curse ($29.99 at Amazon. $23.99 with Prime)
SteamWorld Collection ($29.99 at Amazon. $23.99 with Prime)
Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past ($39.99 at Amazon. $31.99 with Prime)
Pokémon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack ($89.99 at Amazon. $71.99 with Prime)

The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition, Vol. 1: Ocarina of Time


Amazon is now taking pre-orders for a hardcover edition of the beautiful Ocarina of Time manga series. It releases in November for $17.99.

Nintendo Selects

Nintendo selects
All eight of the recently announced Nintendo Selects are available now on Amazon! Even better, Prime members can get them for $15.99 each! The titles included in the deal are the following:

Best Buy has also opened up pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Selects for those of you with Gamers Club!

amiibo Bundles


Nintendo has announced five all new bundles that include a hit game and an amiibo, all for $39.99! Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Party 10 and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker are all included in the lineup!

Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Party 10, and Captain Toad amiibo/game bundles ($39.99 at Amazon! $31.99 with Prime)

Pokémon Sun and Moon | Z-Ring Accessory


Amazon and GameStop are currently taking pre-orders for the upcoming Z-Ring accessory for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Amazon is $4 cheaper at the moment. Additional Z-Crystals can be purchased at GameStop as well. Amazon is also taking pre-orders for the Pokémon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack, which contains both copies of the game in an amazing steelbook package.

Play-Asia is taking pre-orders for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon starter plushes.

Super Mario Adventures Comic Book

Super Mario adventures daily Deals banner

Relive your childhood with a re-release of the Super Mario Adventures comics! First printed in Nintendo Power Magazine in 1992, this collection of comics is sure to bring back some good memories!

Super Mario Adventures comic book pre-order ($14.99 at Amazon)


amiibo banner daily deals


toys daily Deaks

Zero Suit Samus Figma Pre-order at Amazon

A Link Between Worlds Link Figma ($42.99 at Play-Asia. Ships August 31st.)

A Link Between Worlds Link Figma Deluxe Figure ($64.99 at Play-Asia)

Fire Emblem Fates: Elise Nendoroid pre-order ($52.99 at Play-Asia)

Snorelax Bean Bag Chair ($149.99 via GameStop)

Mega Man POP Vinyl ($9.75 at Amazon)

Dr. Wily POP Vinyl ($9.75 at Amazon)

Pac-Man Series POP Vinyl ($7.50-$8.50 each at Amazon)

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