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It looks like Pokémon GO is bringing in money for more than just the developers involved, as McDonalds Japan has highlighted a 27% jump in profits since the company’s collaboration with the app began last month.

McDonalds Japan has had a rough couple of years as of late, after a series of food scandals closed over 100 restaurants. After the PokéStops and Gyms started popping up at franchise locations across the country, however, the company has marked a 19% increase of sales in the first quarter, which is the highest it’s been in about 2 years.

While it certainly seems promising, McDonalds Chief Executive Officer Sarah Casanova believes it is too early to say how big of an impact the Pokémon GO promotion has had, and its forecast of a 1 billion yen income for the region won’t be changed, at least for now.

We’ll be sure to bring you news of any future Pokémon GO collaborations as and when they’re announced.

Source: AdAge

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Written by Tom Brown

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