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‘Tis the season, folks – we’re only a few months away from Pokémon Sun and Moon gracing our 3DS screens, and that means leaks and rumors are at a fever pitch. But among the many whispers, there are some that stand out more than others, and it appears that images from Friday’s update video may have leaked onto the web early. The rumored info is as followed:

  • The water type leaked via CoroCoro recently will be called Wishawashi in English, and have the ability Schooling.
  • Another CoroCoro Pokémon, Namakobushi, will be known as Pyukumuku in English, be Water-typed, and have the ability Innards Out.
  • pokerumor08103

  • A new Pokémon, known as Morelull, will be Grass/Fairy type and have either Illuminate or Effect Spore as an ability. It appears to resemble a mycorrhiza.


  • Most interestingly, an Alola Form of Raichu will be revealed, one with an Electric/Psychic typing and the ability Surge Surfer. A possible successor to Surfing Pikachu?
  • pokerumor08101

  • One of the admins of Team Skull has an official English name – Plumeria.
  • pumeria

Once again, these are mere rumors, and nothing will be confirmed or deconfirmed until Friday. There are a couple odd points (why were the names of the two sandcastle Pokémon omitted? Are they not in the video?) But we’ll have to wait and see if this news is legitimate. Tune in on Friday at 21:00 EDT to witness the truth.

Source: Serebii

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