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UPDATE: A new video has surfaced showcasing Alolan Raichu in action! Be warned, spoilers ahead.

Another video showcasing Wishiwashi has also been uploaded.

Just a few hours ago images started cropping up around message boards purporting to show off the next trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, which is set to land at 21:00 EDT this Friday. While they were incredibly convincing, we erred on the side of caution by saying they were simply rumors. The leaker, however, has now uploaded a small snippet of the video, and we’re pretty confident it confirms the rest of the leak as well.


Here’s what we know, but be warned as there are spoilers:

    • The water type leaked via CoroCoro recently will be called Wishiwashi in English, and will become its larger Form with the ability Schooling once it reaches a certain level.
    • Another CoroCoro Pokémon, Namakobushi, will be known as Pyukumuku in English, be Water-typed, and have the ability Innards Out.


  • A new Pokémon, known as Morelull, will be Grass/Fairy type and have either Illuminate or Effect Spore as an ability. It appears to resemble a mycorrhiza.pokerumor08102
  • Most interestingly, an Alola Form of Raichu will be revealed, one with an Electric/Psychic typing and the ability Surge Surfer.
  • pokerumor08101
  • One of the admins of Team Skull has an official English name – Plumeria.
  • pumeria

We’ll be sure to bring you more news when the full trailer lands on Friday.

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Written by Tom Brown

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