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Have you ever thought, while you were eating a cupcake, “This cupcake is great and all, but I just wished it had a little more Mario to it”? Well, now you can get just that! The Webhallens Café in Stockholm, Sweden recently reopened with a Mario themed décor. The café itself has been around since 2014 as a cosplay café, where patrons could show up dressed up in any manner of cosplay and enjoy themselves.

Now, the café has simply reopened with a Mario theme, and patrons are still more then welcome to show up in cosplay (with Nintendo cosplay definitely being encouraged)! The walls are sprawled with backgrounds from the classic Mario video games, and 16-bit style props bring some life to the room. Their goal with the café was to show Stockholm and the world that there’s a great café out there that they could come to to enjoy some sweets and the company of fellow cosplayers and Nintendo fans.

If you’re planning to take a trip to Stockholm, this might be a great place to check out!

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Written by Bobby Soto

Bobby is an animator, a voice actor and a writer. He’s a storyteller who's constantly working towards bringing his characters and ideas to life. When he needs an escape from his work, gaming is his go-to activity.