This year is a massive milestone for the Legend of Zelda, as it marks 30 years since Japanese gamers first explored the lands of Hyrule on the Famicom. Unfortunately, due to the delay of Breath of the Wild, there’s no major tent-pole video game to celebrate this time around, but Nintendo still seems to be making strides to mark the occasion with merchandise.

One new anniversary item is a music collection album, which will feature selected tracks from across the franchise’s history. While we don’t know the full tracklist just yet, we do know (via CDJapan) that it will come on two CDs.

Unfortunately, as of right now the album is exclusive to Japan, and there’s no word of a Western release. It will retail for 3,240 Yen, which converts to just over $31, and will release in the region on September 28th. While we’re hopeful it crosses over the Pacific, it’s worth remembering that plenty of other Zelda albums (like the Twilight Princess HD Original Soundtrack) have been exclusive to Japan in recent history. We’ll be sure to let you know if it makes its way over, though!

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Written by Tom Brown

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