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It has been announced that Tomy International will be making a special Z-Ring accessory, which will launch alongside Pokémon Sun and Moon.


This ring will be made to interact with your 3DS, lighting up, vibrating and playing sounds each time you perform one of the just announced Z-Moves in battle.


The base Z-Ring set comes with the Electric Z-Crystal and will sell for 2,600 Yen, or around $26. There’s also a Z-Ring and Z-Crystal Special Set that’s 4490 yen/$45 which includes a Z-Crystal collection board and the Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Fighting, and Normal crystals.

Other volumes of crystals will be released separately, with Vol. 1 including Steel, Rock and Poison crystals, and Vol. 2 covering Ghost, Dark and Bug. Each of these standalone sets will be 599 Yen, or roughly $6.

Expect more info regarding this new Z-Ring from Tomy International as we move closer to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, we’ll be sure to cover it right here on Nintendo Wire!

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