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Earlier this week, we reported on Miitomo’s upcoming update that would include a new way for players to use their candy. Believe it or not, the time is already here for that sweet new way to enjoy all that candy that’s been piling up for the last few months.

Playing is simple! Signing into Miitomo and browsing it will automatically prompt you to update the app so you can access Candy Drop. Head on over to the Shop icon where you usually find Miitomo Drop. Doing so this time will also provide you with the chance to play the new Candy Drop.

The goal of the game is to use your candy to win ticket stubs that can then be used to play Miitomo Drop. Every five pieces of candy will grant you one play. And just like Miitomo Drop, you simply drop an item (in this case, your candy) in a maze of rotating bars with the hope of landing in a lucky slot that contains that glorious game ticket. If you happen to land your candy in one of the other slots, you’ll receive a ticket stub. Collect ten ticket stubs to acquire an entire game ticket. Head on over to Miitomo Drop to use your well earned game tickets for chances to win items for your in-game Mii.


You’ll receive one free play a day in Candy Drop. The board get shuffled every round, creating a new opportunity for you to get a game ticket. And it’s important to also keep in mind that there’s a limit of winning three game tickets every day – once the max number is reached, the catcher will be unavailable to play.

It’s definitely nice to see something new in Miitomo! Hopefully this means more updates to Nintendo’s first mobile app are on the way.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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